Property Management – Why Ripple?

Angelina is the founder and Principal of Ripple Realty. Ripple opened its doors in 2011 and has continued to grow in reputation and recognised as a trusted brand known for its integrity, transparency, loyalty to clients and determination to achieve outstanding results every time.

As a property investor since a young age, she is acutely aware of the importance of choosing the right Property Manager. Making the wrong decision on who to appoint can cause many unnecessary problems and have potentially disastrous financial implications for property owners.

Lisa has been an integral member of the Ripple team since 2013 and knows every facet of the Agencies business and financial operations. Qualifying as a Property Manager in 2016 and with great drive and commitment, she brings great knowledge and energy in her capacity as Property Manager and is a valuable asset to both Angelina and our property owners.

Chris (Angelina’s hubby) is a qualified builder with over 20 years’ experience in sales as well. Chris is extremely hands-on and will conduct a thorough maintenance inspection annually to ensure your asset is kept in top condition. He has also taught Angelina and Lisa what to search for in routine inspections to ensure any potential maintenance issue is dealt with promptly – we know a $20.00 fix could save a $20,000.00 bill – it is remarkable!

As a team Lisa, Angelina and Chris are an incredible asset to property owners with a 100% focus on your investment. As a qualified builder and extensively experienced asset manager you are in great hands during inspections, and our commitment to investing, on average, 4 hours to vet ONE potential tenant – we believe in getting it ‘right’ from the very beginning.

As genuine, honest, transparent people who are local and committed to excellence in service delivery, you will be in great hands from Day 1!

Contact us today to explore how Ripple can be of service to you and your property portfolio.